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League of Angel II Update 6/1

Update Scope: All Servers 
Version: V2.27.0
Update time: 2017/06/01 (All Servers)

A mystery guest is coming to Sapphire with rich treasures! Don’t forget to visit her on 3rd June!

New Features:
1. Artifact soul arm: Herald of Winter
2. New clothing: Paradise Land

1. Hero Upgrade, Battle Pet Upgrade and Runestone Transmute: The amount applied per step has increased to help reduce the animation time. The overall costs that it takes to the next level has not changed. 
2. Soul arms: Animation added when skill triggers.

Bug Fixes:
1. Water Runestone: Fixed a bug where Pure Water didn't work normally.
2. Chat: Fixed a bug where the chat panel was changed when entering and exiting Team Area or X-server War.
3. Pamela: Fixed a bug where the skill description shown differently in stat panels after Pamela evolved to +18
4. Lifebane Aura: Fixed a bug where the description of Lifebane Aura sometimes wrongly shown in Equipment Awaken panel.