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League of Angel II Update 5/4

Update Scope: All Servers 

Version: V2.23.0

Update time: 2017/05/04 

New Features:

1. New Mythic Hero: Valkyrie 
2. New Artifact Battle Pet: Leviatos (10 Shards to Synth; Augment with Pet Essence and Bloodstone instead of shards)


1. Ban duration will be displayed in game when a player gets banned.
2. Function guide added for Equipment Awaken.
3. Source of Candy Prince and Mini-Theresa changed to Events.
4. X-server friends: Level requirement now is 10.

Bug Fixes:

1. Shards needed for Kitsune Evo-2 and Evo-3 Seal should be 100 and not 200.
2. Fixed a bug where Isolde did not get initial Rage.
3. Reset Awakening: Fixed a bug preventing certain artifact Relics from being reset.
4. Dungeon Sweeper and Vault Hunter: Fixed a bug where the leader remained in the team even when they went offline, causing the rest of the team to get stuck.
5. X-Server War:Fixed a bug where player cannot create a team when he/she has not joining any team.