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League of Angel II Update 3/8

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V3.X.0
Update time:2018/03/08 

New feature and gameplay:

  1. New Level: Upper the augmented level limit of Lead, Heroes, Battle Pet and Relic to Lv.135;

  2. New Welfare: Newbies' 7-Day Carnival, Special Weekly Quests;

  3. New Chapter: Add 3 chapters in Normal and Elite Dungeons, new nobilities open in corresponding new chapters;

  4. New Expending: Hero upgrade and talent upgrade expanding, Awaken level+1, Artifact Hero evolve level+5 and corresponding origin power expending;

  5. New Loading page;

  6. New Faction City.


  1. Artifact Inherit works for Seal Cultivation and Seal Advancement.

  2. Battle information flow will not appear in players’screen that haven’t join in Eternal War during event time.

Bug fixed:

  1. Fixed a bug that it will be negative when you own more than 2.1billion gold.

  2. Fixed a bug that it will have some known and unknown issues when you reach Lv.121.

  3. Fixed a bug that battel pet and soul arm can be attacked by Sylvia’s skill.