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X-Server Guild System

League of Angels II has optimized its Guild system to support cross-server functionality, which means players can now join others from different servers to face new challenges together! 

How to convert to an X-Server Guild:

- All existing Guilds will have to migrate into an X-server Guild.

- After migration is complete, your old Guild will become an X-server Guild. When opening the X-Server Guild interface, players will see a prompt asking them to migrate.

1) On the first day after the X-server Guild is available, only the Guild Head will have the right to migrate to X-Server Guild.

2) On the second day, the Deputy Head and Elder will be able to migrate the Guild.

3) On the third day, any member will be able to migrate the Guild.

Introduction of X-Server Guild:

After migration, players will see a new Guild interface that consists of 9 sections: Legion Fort, Elemental Portal, Technology Lab, Council Chamber, Angel Statue, Shop, Training Tower, Colosseum, and Expedition Camp. Most of these represent an existing Guild function.

Legion Fort and Elemental Portal are new functions and will be available soon, so look for more information coming!

On the whole, many functions have been carried over. Now go and find more like-minded comrades to face even greater challenges now with X-server Guild!